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Access over 80 Partner Merchant, Collect digital stamps and get rewards - all on your phone.

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Access All Your Loyalty Cards in your Phone!

Now your phone can do more than just running on temples or crashing candies. You can now be rewarded conveniently just by bringing it like normal! Gone are the days of rummaging
through your bar or bringing bulky wallets. Now you
don't have to collect individual physical cards that
thicken your pocket. With Perxclub, we put the
loyalty cards of premier brands in the metro all
in your phone! Imagine a FREE single app that
carries almost 100 loyalty cards that are accepted
in over 600 locations nationwide! Plus, you only
need to do one-time registration -no multiple
registrations, no membership fees!
What a relief!

No More Worries of Losing Your Cards or Stamps!

With Perxclub, everything will be done with your phone. Since you most likely to have your phone outside (like 95% of your outdoor life, maybe) you won't be missing any digital stamps (called Perxtamps) from your favorite shops or cafes anymore! Just always be ready with your Perxclub when you make your purchase. Not just that. Perxclub securely backs-up your stamps so even if you lost your phone, you can still retrieve them like a boss.

Get an Instant Reward Right at your 1st Stamp!

Collecting stamps is more fun with Perxclub because you can get an instant FREEBIE on your very first Perxtamp! Get instant rewards such as FREE Iced Tea, Free Toppings, Free Upsize or 10% Discount when you earn your initial stamp from selected Partner Merchants such as Chatime, The Sandwich Guy, Sbarro and more. What other FREE privilege program can give you that?

1st Perxtamp reward is a way of welcoming you to our community of perks-loving people!

No Internet Required to Earn a Perxtamp

Yep, You read it right baby. After logging in with you Facebook account, you can immediately start collecting Perxtamps from any Partner Merchants even without WiFi or data connection.

While some features of Perxclub requires internet connection (inviting and accepting friends, updating, checking your rank, etc) Perxclub's main job to earn stamps works even when you're offline! Just make sure to regulary refresh your Perxclub to download latest digital cards or news alerts. Did we hear amazing?

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