Perxclub Philippines - No. 1 Mobile Loyalty App

Build your customer loyalty and acquire new ones at the same time, conveniently.

Now is the time to create your own loyalty program.

Perxclub is the FIRST and LEADING mobile loyalty system in the Philippines.
With almost 100 Partner Merchants and accepted in over 600 locations nationwide, Perxclub has the widest network of mobile loyalty accross industries in the country. So whether you're based in Cebu or Davao, you can easily sign up and we'll help you build your customer loyalty in no time.

Why Build Your Customer Loyalty Program?

  • It's 7-10 times more expensive to acquire new customers thant it is to keep existing customers coming back
  • 80% of customers enrolled in a loyalty program would most likely to complete a loyalty card
  • Consumer spending is 46% higher with brands that offer loyalty program
  • Gives you the opportunity to personalize marketing and promotions based on your customer purchasign behavior

According to Fred Reichheld, author of the Loaylty Effect, a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25-100% increase in profit for your company.

“A few months after building our customer loyalty program with Perxclub, the number of customers who come back became doubled. We see that they are enjoying collecting stamps with their phones and getting rewards from it.”

5 Reasons to Choose
  • We hold the most number of users and trusted by most merchants
  • Your digital loyalty card will never get thrown away. It’ll be in your
    customer’s phone anytime, anywhere 24/7
  • Perxclub is an advertisign and marketing tool converting your customers
    to promoters
  • Exclusive access to real-time customer data and analytics
  • Best pricing package that is cost-effective and easy to set up
Meet Your Digital Loyalty Card
  • Will never get thrown away
  • Will never be misplaced
  • It’s cool. It’s interactive. Its Paperless.
  • Can be shared by your customers on Facebook and Twitter
  • Loaded with your actual reward photos and branches not available with physical card

With Perxclub, we were able to boost our customer retention with minimal effort. It’s highly affordable versus producing a traditional loyalty program.

It’s more than a loyalty program. It’s an advertisign tool.

We put your brand in your customer’s phone so they can bring your products and services with them. They can see your logo, offers and branches anytime they want. Plus, Perxclub also offers mileages and exposures to your brand at no cost. That’s absolute value for money.

FREE Listing on Perxclub
Partner Merchant Webpage

FREE Direct-to-app News Alerts
and Weekly Newsletter

FREE Facebook and
Twitter Announcements and Promos

FREE Applicable
Marketing Collaterals

Perxclub is like all-in. Everything you need to establish in a loyalty program is there. Great that they also offer listings in the web. We don’t have to pay more.

Real-time Analytics and Reporting

Perxclub provides a holistic view of your customer loyalty program with in-depth reports and real-time
updates right at your fingertips

  • View transactions real-time across different branches
  • Get to know your loyal customers via data management
  • Monitor your program virtually from anywhere you are,
    in just a click of a button
  • Access your dashboard with a simple login. No paperworks.
    No installation needed

Viewing customer transactions real-time is very helpful. We can easily track the affectivity of our digital loyalty program, determine strong branches and identify non-returning customers. It helps us decide faster.

Meet Your Digital Loyalty Card
  • Special Offers - Broadcast your special deals and promos to the whole Perxclub community.
  • Leadership Circle - Increase your customer activity by rewarding the most loyal with extra bonus. They will love you more for that!
  • Near me - Let your customers find your branch nearest to them. They can view by map or by list. As long as
    your store is participating outlet, you branch can
    be foundand listed here!
A Few of our Delighted Partner Merchants

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