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Facebook Authorization Error Fix

On Sep 22, 2013 Tech Updates |   Comments

Got the "Ooops Error" while logging in to Perxclub with your Facebook account? Already did the instruction but still the error keeps popping out? Here's the simple fix!

Option 1 - Go to your Phone's Settings > Privacy > Facebook > Turn ON the toggle

Option 2 - Go to your Phone's Settings > Scroll down and select Facebook > Sign In (Make sure Perxclub Rewards App is listed under "Apps that has access to your Facebook..."

Hope this helps peeps! 

You can comment down below for your questions. Or if you have some really serious stuff, you can email us at!


Perxclub 2.7: Saving Perxtamps Improved and Fixed Refreshing Error

On Sep 01, 2013 Tech Updates |   Comments

We know how most of us were tremendously affected by #TheConjuRAIN recently. So are we in the Perxclub.

Big bugs enormously devastated our happy and blissful suburb that caused some of us to lose unsaved stamps and get kicked out several times in the app after being asked to refresh and couldn’t log back anymore.

With the rest of users who were greatly affected, we’re very sorry. We’ve almost announced a P10M reward to whoever can point and shoot the major bugs that lurked in our community just to crack out the obscurity. LOL.

Enter Perxclub anti-twerk Pest Control Squad. (In short, tech team)

Fortunately, the guys did enjoy the fruits of their labor after getting sleepless nights of trying to squash every bug that comes out from the breakout - Phew! Phew! Phew!

The product? Version 2.7! And what’s up with this one? Check these:

  • Unsaved Perxtamps Indicator – Tells you how many Perxtamps are not yet saved or backed-up in our server. Saving your Perxtamps ensures your way to getting the freebies you’ve always wanted. Simply connect online and click “Sync Now” to send your stamps to our server and voila! No more hide & seek (or hide & clap) with your stamps!
  • Fixed Refreshing Problem – The previous version would ask you to refresh your app and will strangely kick you out of Perxclub. Then will never let you log-in again. Frustrating. So in v2.7, that should never happen again, everrrr.
  • Fixed Error in Setting up Passcode – We discovered a bug that hates that ‘apostrophe S’ thingy. For example if you created a security question like what is your pet’s favorite TV show?, you may feel like it went through successfully, but it’s not. It’s because of the apostrophe S. So in this version, you can go ahead now apostrophe-ing every word you’s say’s.

Download Perxclub version 2.7 now in the App Store. Make sure your Apple account region is set to Philippines to find Perxclub. 


Perxclub version 2.6: Like & Comment in the News Alerts

On Jul 24, 2013 Tech Updates |   Comments


Update-update din ‘pag may time!

In case you have missed it, we simply wanna tell you that we added a new feature in our weekly News Alerts! With version 2.6, you can now “like” and share your thoughts in any of our recent app alerts! Put comments, ask your Perxclub-mates or tell any what-have-yous about an alert, its all here on Perxclub version 2.6!  Now available in the App Store!


Perxclub version 2.5: Inviting Friends Improved!

On Jul 04, 2013 Tech Updates |   Comments


Well, yeah. You probably felt like it takes forever to load your Facebook friends when trying to invite them to join Perxclub. And since only Perxclub is the only mobile loyalty app that can poke your friends and say “Hi Kevin! Your friend evil minion is inviting you to join us in Perxclub”, we know it should be easy and smooth.

So we heard ya and focused on improving the Invite Facebook Friends facility on our recent update.

From your Profile Tab, you'll see 3 major boxes such as My Rank, My Medals and My Friends. These are basically the bonus features you can enjoy with Perxclub app. Now, to get to your “Perxclub Friends”, tap on My Friends box and you will find there 3 tabs namely

  • Friends - who are existing Perxclub members  whom you can view profiles with
  • Friend Requests  -friend invitations from other existing Perxclub members, and
  • Friends Invited - Facebook friends whom you invited to join Perxclub

To invite your classmates, dormates, officemates, throwback-mates or minion-mates lurking in Facebook, simply tick the boxes beside their names. Once you're done, simply hit the “Send Invite”  button. Just so in case, you wanted to invite all your 2K friends, that would be easy. All you need is that one box on top of the screen that says Select All and we will easily send out your invitations to the rest of your Facebook-dom. Once they downloaded Perxclub app and logged-in with their Facebook account, they will be automatically added to your Perxclub Friends list!

TIP: You can also send reminders by going to the Friends Invited tab and tap on “Remind”, and we'll send a notification on your friend's Facebook so they can be reminded.

Perxclub 2.5 is now up in App Store for iPhone and iPad. Start ticking those boxes now! :)


Perxclub: We'll be back in Play Store!

On Apr 01, 2013 Tech Updates |   Comments


Perxclub on Play StoreADVISORY:

For those asking where the hell is Perxclub on Play Store, well, you won't find us there FOR THE MEANTIME. It's because we are prepping up something ohh-soo-awesome Perxclub version for all our Android fans!

This means, while existing Perxclub Android users, can still use the app, new folks with Android devices may not be able to search for Perxclub in Play Store as of the moment. We'll come back soon with a bigger and stronger Perxclub, so keep in touch on our fanpage and Twitter account (@Perxclub) so you'll know when we'll be out again in the Play Store.

NEW HINT: Yeah. We're so bad to tell you we're gonna be out again before IRON MAN does.  Yah, the Iron Man has arrived, but we've already met him up and told him we're gonna be a little late. Maybe more time to transform. But we will reallyyy go back to Play Store super fast! Promise!



Android Version Update 1.0.12 now up!

On Jan 11, 2013 Tech Updates |   Comments


With some bugs and errors that appeared from the previous versions, we are welcoming 2013 with the first update for Android users this year! Tantararannn! Version 1.0.12 is now available on Google Play Store!

But wait! You cannot just update your Perxclub app the usual way of hitting the “update” button. This time you'll have to uninstall your current Perxclub app and reinstall it. Again, UNINSTALL your current Perxclub app and REINSTALL it.

Perxclub Version 1.0.12

Perxclub Version 1.0.12


One more, uninstall your current Perxclub app and reinstall it.

Whew! Haha.

We got some huge bug fixes that's why reinstalling is necessary this time. Updating your Perxclub will give you more stable and enjoyable use so you can go and get Perxtamps like a boss.

PS: Don't be shy to give us 5 stars on the review! :) We'll be so much thankful! Hmmm, we can also promote you on our Twitter as a token of your generosity! Hehe!


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