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Getting Started

  • A. How to use the Perxclub App?
  • 1. Register by logging in with Facebook. Instantly get access to all Perxclub Merchants.

    2. Go to the Cards Section. Then tap on All Merchants to check out the different rewards offered by Perxclub Merchants.

    3. Tap on a Merchant to view their Rewards Offer in more detail. Make sure to check out the Mechanics section at the bottom, as well as the Locations for the list of participating branches.

    4. Once you’ve checked out the Mechanics of a Perxclub Merchant, go to one of their participating stores and make purchases to earn digital stamps, called Perxtamps.

    5. Collect enough perxtamps to receive a Reward.

  • B. How to earn Perxtamps in your Perxclub App?
  • 1. Make an eligible purchase at Partner Merchant stores to earn digital stamps, called Perxtamps. For example, at BonChon, to earn 1 Perxtamp, you have to purchase at least P200. 2. At the cashier, open your Perxclub App. Go to the Stamp section.

    3. Encode the total amount purchased and present it to the cashier for verification.

    4. If the amount is correct, the cashier presses OK and the App view turns to a camera.

    5. Scan the Cashier’s Perxcode to claim your Perxtamps.

  • C. How to download a Reward to your mobile device?
  • 1. Once you've collected enough Perxtamps, you will be entitled to receive a Reward.

    2. To download the Reward, you have to first be connected to the internet. 3. Go to the Rewards Section. Click on the Refresh button at the upper right corner.

  • D. How to claim Rewards?
  • 1. Have your Perxclub app ready when you approach the cashier. Go to the Rewards Section. Show the cashier the Reward you wish to claim.

    2. Tap on the Reward. 3. Tap on the Claim Button.

    4. Key in your Personal Passcode. (For steps on how to set your Personal Passcode, go to Section E.)

    5. Scan the Cashier’s Perxcode to claim your reward.

  • F. How to Update your Merchants List?
  • Can’t see some Merchants in your All Merchants List? Your list may be outdated. To update it, connect to the Internet. Go to the Cards Section. Press the Refresh button at the upper right corner. And wait for the latest Merchant List to be downloaded to your mobile device.

  • G. How to Update your Loyalty Card?
  • "I got a new Perxtamp but it doesn’t show in my loyalty card. What should I do?" Nothing to worry. You just need to refresh your loyalty card to show the latest Perxtamps. To refresh, just keep pressing the back arrow until you reach the Main Menu of the Cards Section (see 3rd screenshot below). This step will update your card.

  • H. What to do when your App hangs?
  • No problem! Just log out of the App and log in again.
  • I. How to ask for help from Perxclub?
  • Need assistance? Just drop us a note by going to the My Data section and clicking on Contact Us. Our Customer Care representatives are happy to assist from Mondays thru Fridays, 8:30 to 6:00 pm.

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