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How to Download Perxclub

  • A. How To Download Perxclub for IOS or Apple Products (i.e. IPhone, IPad, ITouch)
  • 1. Go to App store and type in Perxclub. Choose Perxclub Mobile Loyalty.

    Searching Perxclub

    2. If you type in Perx alone, please choose Perxclub Mobile Loyalty from the choices.

    Results when searching Perxclub

    3. When Perxclub Mobile Loyalty is chosen, this will appear. Tap on it to be directed to its page.

    Displaying results of Perxclub

    4. Once directed just tap on the “Install” button.

    Perxclub app description screenshot


    I can't find Perxclub App in the App store.

    If you cannot find the Perxclub Mobile App in the App store, please check if the Country setting of your Apple ID is set in the Philippines / United States. Here is a step by- step guide on how to check and change the settings.   1. First, go to Settings. Then Scroll down and choose Store.

    Perxclub iPhone Screenshot

    Settings menu to find Perxclub App

    2. After tapping the Store button, this will appear. Tap on the Apple ID then small window will appear, then tap on View Apple ID.

    Store Settings Screenshot

    Apple ID screenshot

    3. The device will ask you for your Apple ID password, once that is encoded you will be directed to your Apple ID account. Once there, tap on the Country / Region.  

    Apple ID login page view

    Apple Account screenshot

    4. Tap on Change Country / Region. When you tap on Store, a list of Countries will appear, choose Philippines and tap on “Done” button.

    Account change region/country view

    Changing country from the Apple Account

    5. You will be directed on to the Terms and Agreement page, just tap on “Agree.”

    Changing country from the Apple ID account

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